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We promote direct bookings, which means travelers will contact you directly.

Place your best deal as follows:


  1. Click on Login/Register Hoteliers to register.
  2. You will be asked to fill out the My Account section (Hotel and Account details) in order to complete your profile. 
  3. Once you’re done filling out all information, click on Add a deal at the top and fill out all required fields. Notice there are 2 deal categories: Room discounts and Other perks (other perks: e.g. discounts in spa services, bike rentals, tour discounts, complimentary drinks for the first 10 who book, free babysitting, free gazebos for the first 3 days, 20% discount on the next booking, extra loyalty points etc. Simply anything!).

Make sure you use creative content when describing your deal, as this will improve your search engine optimization. Once you’re done, click on Submit Listing.

Notice: In the My account section under My Listings you can find every deal you have posted, in case you would like to upload it again in the future.

Notice: Do not forget to only use English (not Greek). However, feel free to use Greek in case you would like to contact us per email.

Notice: Keep it as short as possible when describing your deal. Users will be intrigued to visit your website in order to find out more. Therefore, the shorter the better!

 →Advertising methods

We provide 2 advertising methods you can choose from, in order to boost your deal performance and get your deal seen by more people that will want to book directly with you: The Promote your deal method and the Banner advertising method.

→Promote your deal

There are 4 tabs on each listing: Details (the profile of your hotel that users see), PromoteEdit and Delete.

Click on the Promote tab and choose your favorite deal promotion package that will make your deal stand out.

Banner advertising 

Choose your favorite one out of the 3 we offer. After completing the payment, send us your banner per email and we will place it on our website in no time.

Notice: BOTH deal promotion packages AND banner advertising packages are OPTIONAL.


Secure online payments with PayPal and Stripe, which means we do not receive any sensitive financial information of yours.

For travellers – free use

Hurrygreek accepts registrations of Greek hoteliers under the condition that they upload the best deals possible, which means you are getting the chance to book the most attractive room discounts and other perks you will not find elsewhere.

Check out the Room discounts and Other perks section, choose the deal you prefer and either contact the hotel directly via phone or direct message. Don’t forget to click on Visit Website in order to find out everything else it has to offer!

Booking does not take place on our website, as we promote direct bookings.

Important: When booking, let hoteliers know you are booking through Hurrygreek.

So, book directly with the hotel and hurry off to Greece!